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Skara The First Wave, Skara The Second Wave, Skara The Third Wave and Skara the Fourth Wave, Andrew Appleby’s novels in his Neolithic series, ‘New Life for Orkney’

This epic conveys the raw richness of people’s lives in Neolithic times through a compelling quest to secure for the people of the Isles new blood from over the ocean.

SPECIAL OFFER! Set of all four Skara novels in paperback (£49.50). All illustrated editions available in paperback (£14.99) and ebooks (£4.99)

Sample of Chapter 1

Read a sample of the first chapter of Andrew Appleby's debut novel Skara

"quite remarkable… an enormous 'epic' fantasy/imagined history, which is extraordinarily coherent, detailed, accessible and plausible…"

"a classic 'quest hero' of mythic proportions who is also a believable (indeed lovable) character and 'ordinary' human being…" (Hi-Arts)

Review Homepage

"In Skara, truly, we find an extraordinary tale, thousands of years in the making, shaped by a master’s hands."
– Prof Ari Berk, Central Michigan University

"Andrew Appleby has a remarkable imagination. Skara is wholly original and surprising – a one-of-a-kind work that entertains even as it dazzles."
- Ken McGoogan, Author

Ken Mc Googan