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Skara Andrew Appleby
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 3 reviews
by Shayla Spencer on Skara Andrew Appleby

I yearn for Orkney and its magic every day but I have not been able to return to the Islands for 3 years now! Andrew Appleby’s fabulous book SKARA is the only book I have read on Orkney that brings me the joy of being “back home.” SKARA is a miracle of a book for my heart and mind… Appleby is remarkable… the book is so real.

by Bernie Bell on Skara Andrew Appleby

'This is just the first impression - some of the descriptions, take me right there -

"Black polished pebbles with painted circles replaced the stifled eyes that once observed fish in dark waters: Eels reaching from their muddy lairs, and finally, the glint of a swiftly advancing spear".

That gave me a tremble, in my back. It's like T.H. White, describing Arthur being other creatures - and that's a compliment!

And Wrasse, trying to breathe, detaching, taking herself to somewhere else - the only way to survive, sometimes.


I'd say that it would be a good idea, for couples, or friends, to buy a copy each, so they can talk about it, as they read it... it could be an idea.... That's because I'm full of wanting to say "And, what about that bit?" and I can't, because it would spoil it... So, I would seriously encourage people to read it, at the same time, so that they can... well... more or less... gossip, about the characters, and what's happening.

As I often say... who needs soaps?

Page 1 of 2:


"quite remarkable… an enormous 'epic' fantasy/imagined history, which is extraordinarily coherent, detailed, accessible and plausible…"

"a classic 'quest hero' of mythic proportions who is also a believable (indeed lovable) character and 'ordinary' human being…" (Hi-Arts)


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