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Skara the Fifth Wave

Hello. It is a while since I have been able to write much of Skara The Fifth Wave. Covid concentrated my mind on other things. I also find that my writing is actually seasonal! I have been aware of that, but this year it has really dawned on me. The summer light and ceramic inspirations take over. Yes, I will still make pots, but writing is coming back to me.

What I’ve done lately is reread the fifty odd thousand words of Skara The Fifth Wave so far and edited. I really enjoyed it and at times wondered who had written it! The characters came back to life and their hearts beat and new characters evolve as the family of Oiwa and Aiva are moving through Europe on their quest to find where Nufu came from.

Juniper is being an utter pain in Orkney, though we don’t hear too much what she’s up to. Enough, though to fill us with disgust! She has her agents. Her Goat Spirits manage to keep following Oiwd Aiva’s progress, even into the deepest caves where they befriend their ancient inhabitants.

Their journey has been beset with dangers, a fearful battle where friends are won and lost. They are entering new worlds of migrating people and strife. Despite the natural dangers, too, they somehow always manage to scrape through.

To be able to follow the saga properly, if you haven’t read Skara, then do begin with The First Wave. This sets the exciting scenery for the rest of the mighty series.

Hope you had a delightful Halloween.


"quite remarkable… an enormous 'epic' fantasy/imagined history, which is extraordinarily coherent, detailed, accessible and plausible…"

"a classic 'quest hero' of mythic proportions who is also a believable (indeed lovable) character and 'ordinary' human being…" (Hi-Arts)


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