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Skara the First Wave

‘Skara The First Wave’ has been written and created by decades of thought and archaeological experience, life and lessons.

In 1975 I first began the thought: the dream, as my friend Bernie Bell says. But when dreaming and placing odd facts and evidence together, one begins the faint imaginings of an epic tale. I knew from day one of my inkling int the tales we have now, that Skara would become no longer a dream, but a ‘Reality’

Orkney is a magnificent place. Everywhere there is standing evidence of a rich cultural Civilisation. Those living it well knew they were civilised. It takes archaeological dogma to downgrade the folk write of.

Shala, our young heroine, has foresight and intuition, such as so many young today do. I can think of one amazing young girl today, who is shaping world history. I write of one of the long past. Shala sees and foretells. One major risk she took was to relate her premonition of a Floating Forest just prior to a devastating storm! On the trunks she described food for her redshank familiars. Shellfish, barnacles, tiny shrimps. I let you into a secret. This floating forest drifted on the currents from Northern Canada. Below is a photo of Goose Barnacles. These don’t come from hereabouts! Goose barnacles are legendary throughout out medieval history. These strange crustaceans, which plied the currents from distant, unknown lands, arrived on our shores. It was believed by many, including the Pope, that they were migratory Goose eggs.

Geese… This is another huge connection! Oiwa, pronounced Whaaar, was of The Goose Clan from the distant Great Lakes. His people, of a mesolithic, hunter gatherer culture, escaped from Orkney during the sweep back from devastating tsunamis. They followed the migrating geese to settle in another land. Wier, Oiwa’s great uncle tried to trace his path back. Did he succeed? Oiwa was compelled to follow.

Shala somehow knew. Her dreams were interpreted by the powerful, but oft rejected Wrasse. Together ther discovered, influenced and changed their society. They knew that, being an archipelago, inbreeding was a huge threat to their whole existence. New blood HAD to be found. Oiwa had to be that source.

Read ‘Skara The First Wave’ and begin the great adventure.

Look at the fire that Shala will have been familiar with. Enjoy their environment as if it were yours.

My very best wishes,


"quite remarkable… an enormous 'epic' fantasy/imagined history, which is extraordinarily coherent, detailed, accessible and plausible…"

"a classic 'quest hero' of mythic proportions who is also a believable (indeed lovable) character and 'ordinary' human being…" (Hi-Arts)


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